Addison Fine Arts | Art Advisory


As an art advisor and private art dealer for more than 20 years, Dr. Platzman views the long term partnership with his clients as an ongoing dialogue.  While each client's advisory/consulting needs are unique, the goal remains the same-provide educated, experienced, concise insight into opportunities present in both the local San Francisco market as well as the broader international art world. This conversation naturally shapes long term collecting goals as well as art investment strategies. 


Dr. Platzman's understanding of the art market is formed through years of formal education as well as decades of practical experience. Dr. Platzman studied the history of art with the renowned art historian Linda Nochlin and received his PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York Univeristy. His PhD dissertation, published by Univeristy of California Press and Thames and Hudson in 2001, remains the definitive text on Cézanne’s Self Portraits. In addition, Dr. Platzman’s role as art advisor/ art consultant is enhanced through longstanding - now generational- personal relationships with auction houses, galleries, museums, and private collectors, giving his advisory/consulting services a unique dual perspective.  


Whether performing the role of art advisor, art investor, or art collector, each potential acquisition, big or small, requires rigorous analysis.  Dr. Platzman brings his extraordinary scholarship and connoisseurship to this discipline.  In the process,  he evaluates an object’s historical significance, quality, provenance, authenticity, and condition.  His inquiry, geared either toward the local San Francisco market or to the demands of the international art world, also provides specific information on supply and demand as well as data on trending submarkets within the broader art world.


As an art advisor or private sales agent, Dr. Platzman’s role in all art related transactions is to represent his client's interests.  As the client's representative in the transaction, he negotiates both private sales or purchases as well as public bids at auction.  Every effort is directed toward obtaining the best possible price and terms for all acquisitions and sales. Dr. Platzman's aim, in his role as advisor or agent, is to make all aspects of each transaction as transparent as possible for his clients. 


As part of the standard art advisory/ consulting services, Dr. Platzman oversees all packing and shipping details relating to both local San Francisco deliveries and more complex international shipments.   His involvement ensures the safe handling of artwork but also the competitive cost of the shipment. If necessary, Addison, in its advisory capacity will facilitate export visas, permits, and customs paperwork.  Dr. Platzman’s long experience in the art world as  an art advisor, investor, and private collector allows him to also intelligently handle security and insurance issues as well as the practicalities surrounding secure, climate controlled, storage.


Art advisory is more than simply the selection and purchase of works of art.  It is also the preparation of the work for display either in a residential or commercial setting.   Addison Fine Arts provides pragmatic, experience based, advice through the framing, installation, and lighting process.   Where appropriate, Dr. Platzman will determine the consultants necessary to address specific conservation and security concerns.  


Addison Fine Arts offers as part of their art advisory services comprehensive collection management. This may involve the selection and implementation of the latest software management systems or ongoing support for the continued conservation of objects in the collection. Finally, Dr. Platzman's advisoryt/consulting services include the coordination of private and museum loans as well as other special projects.


The pricing of works art is a delicate balance based on market awareness, art historical knowledge, and the fundamentals of connoisseurship.  With decades of experience as an art advisor, art historian, and private art dealer, Dr. Platzman provides his clients with the most sophisticated and accurate pricing analysis, relying upon both archived private sales as well as public auction records.