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Steven Platzman views the partnership with his clients as an ongoing dialog about acquisition opportunities, research, attribution, condition, quality and valuation issues, all of which combine to inform and educate clients about the complex world of fine art. This conversation naturally shapes long term collecting goals and strategies, aesthetic tastes and the financial framework to achieve them.


Purchase and sales opportunities exist internationally, nationally and regionally, within the city of San Francisco. Steven Platzman's understanding of the art market is formed through longstanding personal relationships with auction houses, public galleries, public institutions, art fairs, studios and private collections. Years of study and cultivation have developed this inside perspective, offering clients unusual access to museum quality works of art, ranging from old master/19th century to post-war and contemporary. His scholarship and extensive library are devoted to this inquiry.


Each potential acquisition requires rigorous analysis. Steven Platzman brings extraordinary scholarship and connoisseurship to this discipline, determining provenance, certifying authenticity, condition, critical importance and historical significance. His inquiry also provides specific information on the art market and global supply and demand as well as data on trends in the prices of works by certain artists and schools.


Steven Platzman negotiates and/or bids (at auction) on his clients' behalf, making every effort to obtain the best possible price and terms for both acquisition and sale. Dr. Platzman's aim is to make all aspects of each transaction as transparent as possible for his clients.


Addison Fine Arts will facilitate all packing and shipping details to ensure safe handling of artwork. If necessary, Addison Fine Arts will handle export visas, permits and customs paperwork, arrange storage and oversee security and insurance issues.


Addison Fine Arts provides practical support on advising and arranging all outsourced services for framing, installation and lighting.


Addison Fine Arts offers comprehensive collection management services including a fully catalogued photographic database, conservation and restoration issues, coordinating loans of works to exhibitions, as well as any special projects.


Addison Fine Arts has built an extensive archive on the pricing of art objects, enabling us to provide the collector with a thorough and accurate pricing analysis of new objects or those acquired at an earlier date through purchase or inheritance.

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