about steven platzman

Since 1994, Dr. Platzman has worked as an art advisor, art dealer, and independent art historian. Founded in New York City by Dr. Platzman, Addison Fine Arts, LLC moved to San Francisco in 1998. From the West Coast, he has continued to responsibly acquire and sell museum quality objects to collectors and institutions. Located in a private residence in Pacific Heights, Addison exhibits a broad range of material, including old master/19th century, impressionist and modern, and post-war and contemporary.

Dr. Platzman’s first book, Cézanne: The Self-Portraits, was published jointly by the University of California Press and Thames and Hudson in the fall of 2001. Recently, the book also has been translated into German by Stiebner publishing house. Dr. Platzman is considered one of the leading specialists on Cézanne, and he has lectured on the artist at various locations in the United States and Europe, including the National Gallery in London.

After receiving his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Platzman attended the Washington College of Law, American University. His published Law Review article was the first effort to deal with the Native American Repatriation Act- congress’ effort to initiate the return of thousands of Native American art objects illegally acquired and held by federally funded museums. After successfully completing the Pennsylvania Bar, Dr. Platzman turned his attention exclusively to the study of art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. While at the Institute of Fine Arts, he studied under Linda Nochlin, one of the preeminent scholars in the field of 19th century art history. His doctoral dissertation on Cézanne’s self-portraits was a landmark study of the artist, providing a substantial contribution to the scholarly understanding of the 19th century’s greatest painter.